Friday, March 13, 2020


from 1st JULY we will still offer discounted shipping 

We have a 14 day limit for payment of any orders placed. After that title(s) will be relisted.


We prefer to sell instore and chat but appreciate at this time some may prefer to have it shipped out so we created this page to that aim. This will be updated and amended as we go, mainly due to the fact we have never had call for Mail Order.
Pricing subject to change, we will try to get as near to cost of shipping as possible.
STEP 1. Place your order through our Online order page, or if Pre order use appropriate page.
STEP 2. email  with your Order Number to request Mail Order shipping.
STEP 3. We will supply a final total
STEP 4. You can phone through to our shop where we can take a secure Card Payment or you can pay by PayPal to
STEP 5. We will then ship your order ASAP.

Guide to our discounted Mailing costs.
FROM 1st JULY 2020
Cassette £1, £1 per additional
7 inch £1.20 , £1 per additional
10 inch £2 , £1 per additional
12 inch £2,  £1 per additional
LP         £2,  £1 per additional

Full priceMailing  ...please use our discounted offer above.
Cassette £1.50 , £1 per additional.
7 inch     £2.00   £1 per additional
10 inch    £3       £1 per additional
12 inch    £3.70  £1.30 per additional
LP            £3.70  £1.30 per additional